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County Assessors Meet In Redding

All fifty-eight county assessors along with members of the Board of Equalization are meeting in Redding beginning today (Tuesday). Nevada County Assessor Sue Horne says they are reviewing new legislation as well as processes to promote uniformity of tax assessments.
Click here to listen to Sue Horne

One issue of concern is the possibility of less frequent surveys of each county by the state because of budget restrictions. Horne does not favor lessening the current 5 year survey schedule.
Click here to listen to Sue Horne

Nevada County is scheduled for its next survey in 2016 which would be the first one under Horne as the County Assessor.
Horne also says that her office is watching property values based upon real estate transactions, and says that as values return,  tax assessments may also increase, but that cannot be determined until sometime in December.

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