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County Board of Education Approves new Charter School

The Nevada County Board of Education yesterday approved a new Charter School  to be based in Nevada County and affiliated with the John Muir Charter School. The  EPIC Charter School  will focus on students who are  over 18  and who never completed High School. David Villarino-Gonzalez,  President/CEO of the Farmworker Institute of Education and Leadership Development that  will operate EPIC Charter says the school will serve rural communities.
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The Epic Charter School and John Muir Charter School will share a campus at a yet undisclosed location in Nevada County and begin enrolling students next year.  John Muir Charter School was introduced to Nevada County in 2002 by then Superintendent of Schools Terry MacAteer. John Muir Charter School Executive Director and CEO R.J. Gonzalez-Guess says they have schools across the state.

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Gonzalez-Guess says there is an exclusion for certain schools to operate in multiple counties.

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Nevada Joint Union High School District Superintendent Louise Johnson was at the Board of Education meeting and says there is a place in the county for these types of charter schools as Adult Education funding has been cut.

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Johnson says she was assured there would be no fiscal impact on the Nevada Joint Union High School District budget from the new Charter School.

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