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County Budget Ready for Adoption

Nevada County supervisors will be adopting  a Budget for the next fiscal year at their meeting next Tuesday.   The new county budget is for $181.4 million, which County CEO Rick Haffey says is more than last year because   of realignment.
click to hear Rick Haffey
Haffey says the county has been given some major responsibility not only in criminal justice and law enforcement but also in mental health, CalWorks, child welfare, foster care, and adoption.
The county has been using a three pronged approach to balancing the budget over the past few years.
click to hear Rick Haffey
Next years budget will use $1.2 million dollars of whats called the rainy day fund…leaving $2.1 million dollars in reserves.  The county budget is in it’ s fourth year of declines since the recession began and property tax revenue began falling, reducing the county’s available funding. At the beginning of the recession the county had over 1-thousand employees. Last year they were down to 777 and next years budget calls for 773 employees.

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