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County Clears Way for Citations to be Issued for Medical Marijuana Grows

On May 8th of this year  the Nevada County Board of Supervisors adopted a Medical Marijuana Ordinance that imposes restrictions on how and where people can grow Medical Marijuana in the county, in order to reduce the number of complaints from neighbors.  It was proposed that the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office would be enforcing the new ordinance by issuing administrative citations, but, to date no citations have been issued.   At Tuesday’s Board of supervisors Meeting, Supervisors  made some amendments to the Nevada County Land Use and Development Code to allow the Sheriff to begin issuing citations.  Alta Sierra Homeowners Association Vice President, Lee French says it’s about time the county is taking some action.
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The proposed Ordinance authorizes the Sheriff and his designees to issue and process administrative citations using the same processes, fine structure, and hearing officers as are currently utilized by the Planning Department.  The ordinance passed on a 4-1 vote with Supervisor Terry Lamphier abstaining, because he says he’s been out of town and did not have time to review  the item thoroughly.  Lamphier adds he does have some concerns about , “A dramatic new direction we are going here.”  The ordinance will take effect in 30 days.

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