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County Distributes CSBG Funds

Three nonprofit agencies have been selected to receive a combined $84,855 in Community Service Block Grant funds by the Nevada County Adult and Family Services Commission.    26 proposals for funding were submitted and a subcommittee reviewed   the top 15 and selected the final three.  Hospitality House Community Shelter was awarded $24,855, CASA, Child Advocates of Nevada County will receive $15,000 and a $45,000 award goes to the Hall To Home program in Truckee which transitions youth from juvenile hall back into a more successful school and home life.  Vickie Downs is one of the Commissioners who served on the selection committee.

“The deduction process is always difficult. We had over a million dollars in requests for funding and so in current budget times, it was a very difficult process. I think the main thing that we were considering is how many people would be served by these funds and then also addressing the most at risk.”

Of the funds allocated $46,679 are federal funds and $38,176 comes from the County General Fund.

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