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County Dog License Fees Going Up

Dog licensing fees in Nevada County are going up. The Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution to adjust the fee schedule at their meeting today (July 8th) at the request of Sheriff Keith Royal who oversees Animal Control. The Sheriff says there’s been no increase in the fees since 2005, and during that time expenses have increased for salaries and benefits, as well as for maintenance, equipment, supplies and services necesssary to operate Animal Control.  Under the new fee schedule a three year license for an altered dog will increase from $25 to $35. A three year license for an unaltered dog will go from $75 to $95. The application fee to keep a vicious or dangerous animal increases from $110 to $150,  and the annual license for that animal increases from $55 to $100. Supervisor Terry Lamphier wondered if the increases were too much.

click here to listen to Terry Lamphier

Sheriff’s Chief fiscal Officer Rolf Kleinhans says the fee increases are in line with neighboring counties. He also says Nevada County has contracted with Pet Data to take over all the licensing components which should improve services for dog owners.

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Sgt. Sam Brown who oversees Animal Control says the county will continue to send out reminder notices to dog owners.

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The penalty for failure to procure a license within 30 days is $10. The new fee schedule goes into effect September 8th, 2014.

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