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County Elected Positions to Stay

Nevada County supervisors today voted not to pursue a consolidation of four elected positions in the county.  The idea was   to consolidate the Treasurer Tax Collector and the Auditor Controller positions into one office, and to consolidate the Assessor and the Clerk Recorder  positions into one office.  The concept was first broached in 2010 when then Treasurer Tax Collector Chris Dabis retired before the end of her term and Auditor Controller Marcia Salter was sworn in to perform both duties until a new elected could be put into office.  Tina Vernon was elected as the new Treasurer Tax Collector.  Board chair  Ted Owens says it was pretty clear to him that people want to have the opportunity to vote on these positions, and  Supervisor Ed Scofield agreed, saying no one had come forward to say “we need to do this.”
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Nevada County CEO’s office prepared some figures showing the consolidation of offices could save $300,000.   Supervisor Nate Beason said sometimes you have to look at the checks and balances the four separate offices provide.
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Supervisor Terry Lamphier suggested having the Nevada County Grand Jury do a study on the cost savings of consolidation.

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