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County Extends Moratorium on Adult Businesses

Nevada County Supervisors voted today to extend a moratorium on the establishment of Adult business in the unincorporated portion of the county until September 14, 2012.  County planners had requested more time to study what other cities and counties have on the books to regulate Adult bookstores strip clubs or theaters before recommending an ordinance for Nevada County.  County counsel advised the Supervisors that they are limited to the number of extensions on the moratorium, and this would be their second and last extension allowed, as adult businesses have a right to exist under the First Amendment.  What the county can do is regulate the placement and hours of adult businesses, keeping them away from churches schools or playgrounds.  Any establishment in which 30 percent or more of its stock is adult material would fall under the regulations. County planners said they are working on a set of regulations for Adult Businesses and hope to have their final recommendations to the Board sometime this fall.

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