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County Gets 15 Million Dollars for Bridge Work

The County’s Department of Public Works is receiving nearly $15 million dollars in Local Highway Bridge Program grant funding to replace or rehabilitate eight bridges. The average age of these eight bridges is 80 years old, and many of these bridges have met or exceeded their useful life. County Engineer, Joshua Pack, says that the program is entirely funded by feeral money so the county does not have to produce any matching funds. The Board of Supervisor’s approved spending the grant money at Tuesday’s meeting.
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One bridge on the list is of historic significance so pack says the County is taking a different approach in regards to its rehabilitation or replacement.
Click here to listen to Joshua Pack

The Edwards Crossing Bridge was constructed in 1904.  Public Works staff will present the results of a study and recommendations for Edwards Crossing to the Board of Supervisors at a later date.

The County is in the process of soliciting firms to oversee the preliminary engineering for the project and plans to begin bridge design later this year with construction on the first bridge beginning in 2017 or 2018. From that point the Pack estimates completing approximately 2 to 3 bridge projects per year. Funding is provided through

The other seven bridges include:

·    Soda Springs Road at the South Yuba River ($1.5 million)
·    Donner Pass Road at Soda Springs Creek ($2.0 million)
·    Purdon Road at Shady Creek ($2.2 million)
·    Dog Bar Road at Bear River ($4.3 million)
·    Garden Bar Road (west) at Little Wolf Creek ($1.7 million)
·    Garden Bar Road (east) at Little Wolf Creek ($1.2 million)
·    McCourtney Road at Rock Creek ($1.7 million)

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