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County Health Officers Promote Immunizations

The Nevada County and Placer County Health Officers hare teamed up to write an opinion article attempting to raise awareness of the need to keep immunizations up to date to avoid the spread of disease. Dr. Ken Cutler of Nevada County says that a disease that had been eradicated from the United States is making a comeback.
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However, measles continues to exist in other countries such as the Philippines so when an un-vaccinated American visits the country, they contract the disease and bring it back to the States. By keeping immunizations current it limits the size of a new outbreak.
Cutler says that California and Nevada County in particular has a low immunization rate due to Personal Belief Exemptions.
Click here to listen to Dr. Ken Cutler

Cutler says that one reason parents are not vaccinating their children is the belief that immunizations are a major cause of autism. According to Cutler and Placer County Health Officer Dr. Robert Oldham, the study that produced those results was not valid and more extensive studies prove that there is no connection between immunizations and autism.
Click here to listen to Dr. Ken Cutler

Cutler and Oldham are also concerned about Pertussis or Whooping Cough spreading as a result of children not being vaccinated. There was a significant Pertussis outbreak in Nevada County in 2013.

The two doctors close their opinion article saying, “We want our children to be healthy, to eat right, be physically fit, and to have a healthy lifestyle.  Vaccination is part of maintaining that health.  If you have friends who are afraid of vaccines, please encourage them to get the facts from their doctor, their local health department, or from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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