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County Investment Policy Earns Top Grade

If you are curious about how well the County invests your tax dollars, Nevada County is doing well. Nevada County Treasurer and Tax Collector Tina Vernon, is the first county treasurer to get a county investment policy certified by the California Municipal Treasurer’s Association.
Click here to listen to Tina Vernon

Vernon says this is quite an accomplishment and continues to demonstrate transparency with county operations. The document shows the county’s investment goals, objectives and strategies for all stakeholders.
Click here to listen to Tina Vernon

Through active management, diversification and laddering of the investment portfolio the Vernon has transformed Nevada County’s portfolio into a low risk, balanced portfolio that is positioned to meet the pool’s cash flow needs now and in the future,

The Investment Policy and monthly Treasury reports can be found on the website at www.mynevadacounty.com

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July 11, 2013

E Christina Dabis-Appleby

Well done, Tina!

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