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County Offers Non-Financial Support for Penn Valley Community Center

Earlier this month the Nevada County Board of Supervisors approved letters of support for the Penn Valley Community Foundation in its efforts to build a new Penn Valley Community Center, which would include a new and expanded library station.  Supervisor Hank Weston, who represents the 4th district says the current Penn Valley Library is crammed into a 12-hundred square foot space in the   Holiday Market Center across from Lake Wildwood .
Click here to listen to Hank Weston

The new library would be an  annex to the proposed 10,000 square foot Community Center. Weston says the Penn Valley Community Foundation already has land.
Click here to listen to Hank Weston

Weston says with contractor and other donations  it’s estimated they need to raise $3.5 million dollars to build the Community Center and expanded library station that would include a technology center similar to the one installed in the Madelyn Helling Library. Weston says, given that there are no Capital Facilities funds or other county funds to build the new library, the Board of Supervisors  delivered a non-financial expression of support to the Penn Valley Community Center  Foundation in their  efforts to raise   funds to complete the project.

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