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County Outdoor Festival Ordinance under Review

Nevada County Supervisors yesterday took a stab at revamping Nevada County’s Outdoor Festival Ordinance, but it is still a work in progress.   Supervisors decided in a planning session 9 months ago that they needed to look at the ordinance because of the number of complaints they were getting from constituents. Nevada County Counsel Allison Barratt-Green was asked to come up with a revised ordinance.

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Supervisor Nate Beason also asked for some regulations for the events that are smaller than those requiring a permit.

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Supervisor Hank Weston   says he gets more complaints about noise.*

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The last time the Outdoor Festival Ordinance was revised was in the 1980’s. The sheriff’s office has been issuing about 3 permits a year.  Some of the issues the supervisors want to address are toilet facilities, lighting, trash, excessive noise, and traffic control and parking.
County counsel was directed to take the supervisors concerns under consideration  and bring back a revised Outdoor events ordinance.

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