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County Prepares for Realignment of State Prisoners

Nevada County’s Sheriff and Chief Probation Officer gave an update to county Supervisors today on Safety Realignment that will force counties to accept prisoners that would normally go to state prison.  Sheriff Keith Royal says the state Sheriff’s Association got together with the governor to craft some legislation so they would at least have some controls, but another of his concerns is the funding to feed and house these prisoners and take care of their medical needs.

“That is probably the greatest concern we have is we are going to see an increase and there is no constitutional protection at this point to guarantee there’s going to be funding to take care of these prisoners. At this point in time, we anticipate 25 to 50 more prisoners to be housed in our facility.”

The Sheriff’s Association is pushing for a constitutional amendment to protect the funding for the prisoner housing at the county level.  Chief Probation Officer Doug Carver says inmates who would typically serve out the rest of their sentence on Parole will enter a new category that the county must administer.

“These people will now be released onto what’s called a post community release provision. It’s a whole new classification of supervision. They’re not on probation and they’re not on parole, they’re on this new classification.”

Carver says the realignment is the biggest change that we have seen in community corrections and public safety in over 40 years. There are still some unknowns how the program will be administered, but Sheriff Royal says weekender Programs, Work Furlough and electronic monitoring of prisoners will be more common.

County officials are preparing to receive inmates beginning October 1st.  

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