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County Submits Community Development Block Grant

Culinary training at Hospitality House,  Penn Valley Sewer Improvements,  and a Biomass Feasibility Study are just a few of the items recommended for funding through  the Nevada County Community Development Block Grant Application for 2013.  The CDBG program was set up over 35 years ago to address the issues of poverty and urban blight.  Funding is available for economic development and community development activities. Nevada County is eligible to apply for up to $2 million this year.

Nevada County Heath and Human Services Director Jeff Brown says the recommended projects were selected following community input and the largest request is for One million, three hundred and two thousand, 326 dollars  ($1,302,326) for Penn Valley Sewer Improvements.
Click here to listen to Jeff Brown

Hospitality House is recommended for $242,419 dollars to set up a  food service job training program for homeless clients.
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Gold Country Community Services is recommended for $147,637 .
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Sierra Senior Services in Truckee is remcommended for 75,060 for senior meals.
Also recommended is $50,000 for a study for improvements to the North San Juan Fire Protection water system, and the last recommended project is a Biomass Feasibility story for $43,023.
Brown says Notification could be as early as late june but the county may not see  funding until September or October.

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