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County Supervisors Annual Planning Workshop Next Week

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors will convene two days of meetings Today (Monday) and tomorrow for the Board’s Annual planning Workshop. County CEO Rick Haffey says a big part of the sessions will be to go over the successes of last year and review the expectations, and mission and values statement. They will also spend a great deal of time receiving a financial update and review of budget policies.  Haffey says managing the budget in tight fiscal times can be challenging as the board learned last year.

“The last year we identified for the Board of Supervisors about a 5.7 million dollar problem. We were able to balance the budget on three approaches; one was we made some cuts, several labor groups made concessions and lastly, we used a small portion of our reserves.”

This year the Board will likely take the same approach by using some of the budget reserves and attempt to negotiate some cost savings with the County’s largest labor group SEIU Local 39 which has approximately 400 members.   The county currently has a total of 775 employees. The county budget for this year is around $170 million and the county has about $18 million in reserves.

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