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County Supervisors Consider Letter to Save State Parks

Nevada County Supervisor Hank Weston is picking up the ball on efforts to move the South Yuba River State Park at Bridgeport and Malakoff Diggins off the state Parks closure list.  After a big effort by county residents to gather signatures on “Save our Parks” petitions, a plan has also been devised to show the state that the park at Bridgeport could also generate revenue with a new parking facility. Supervisor Weston says he has prepared a letter to go before the full board of Supervisors tomorrow (Tuesday)  asking the state parks to agree to collect a parking fee in exchange the county will agree to post  no parking signs on Pleasant Valley Road.

“Once we get assurance at this point that the park comes off the closure list, then we’ll pass the ordinance and put the signs up and work with them so they can then generate their parking fee, which certainly won’t be enough to offset the entire cost of Bridgeport open, but it’s a good faith effort.”

As for Malakoff Diggins State Park, there is another plan in the works to install a solar facility to offset high utility costs to run the park which is not serviced by PG&E and relies on generator power.

“I think that with a coalition of solar companies, we can come up with a plan for Malakoff to put a solar system up there. With the donations from the solar companies as well as some donations from outside groups and other folks, we can put enough together to put in a very substantial solar system at Malakoff.”

Malakoff Diggins already collects an $8 per carload use fee.

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