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County Supervisors Seek State Emergency Over Dreissenid Mussels

Nevada County Supervisors are requesting the governor declare a statewide emergency resulting from infestation of Quaga and Zebra mussels into the waters of California.  The mussels that are microscopic in the reproductive stage have been hitching rides on boat hulls and ballast water and have now invaded waterways from the Great Lakes to the West Coast.

County Ag Commissioner, Jeff Pylman told supervisors the mussels are a threat to Nevada County.

“Currently, Tahoe has a program through local regulations where watercraft is inspected.”

Supervisor Ted Owens who represents the eastern county is concerned the mussels could make their way to Stampede or Bocca Reservoir.

“If we have something getting into Stampede it’s going to be in Stampede, it’s going to be in Truckee, it’s going to be in Bocca, it’s going to be in the river and we’re going to have a huge financial problem do deal with it.”

Mature mussels can devastate fisheries and cling to water intakes on boats, on weirs and dams and hydroelectric equipment.

It’s suggested raising motor vehicle fees for boats would pay for an enforcement campaign to stop the spread of the invasive mussels.

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