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County Switches Emergency Notification System

Nevada County has a new emergency and mass notification provider. Nevada County Office of Emergency Services, Vic Ferrara, says the transition from CityWatch to the industry-leading, high-speed mass notification system, CodeRED®, began June 1st.

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The transition to CodeRED offers Nevada County residents access to patented technologies that were not available with CityWatch.

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Public safety officials will be able to more effectively communicate time-sensitive messages and have the ability to better target notifications geographically, only notifying those community members impacted by an alert. The first use of the system was last Monday when a suspect escaped custody on Ridge Road. The the Sheriff used CodeRed to notify residents in the area.

Ferrara says there a re number of ways to be sure you are in the CodeRed System.

Click here to listen to Vic Ferrara

Nevada County residents who registered with CityWatch have been transferred to the new CodeRED system, however all residents of Nevada County are encouraged to check there contact information through the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services on Mynevdaacounty.com and click on the CodeRED logo.

Ferreara stresses contact information accessed thru CodeRed will only be used by Public Safety Officials for emergency notification.

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