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County Wants PILT Money Back

Nevada County is joining a statewide push by counties who are owed money by the California Fish and Wildlife  Department to get them to pay up.  Nevada Supervisor Nate Beason says the Department of Fish and Wildlife will purchase or lease land for their purposes and they are required by law to reimburse the local governments for the loss of property taxes that occur as a result. They call it PILT money which stands for Property in Lieu of Taxes. *

Listen to Nate Beason

Beason says the law is very clear that Fish and Wildlife should reimburse counties out of their budget, but Fish and Wildlfe points the finger at the legislature, saying lawmakers needs to budget more money in order to do that. Beason says Fish and Wildlife has created part of their own problems.*

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Beason is Nevada County’s representative on the Rural County Representatives of California which is  leading the fight for PILT funds to be paid.

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