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County Working With Church To Resolve Sign Issue

It’s not the content of the sign, its the the size of the sign, that is an issue for a South County Church. The Simple Truth Church is leasing space in a building that used to house Gateway Realty on Highway 49 and Combie Road. The original sign erected is larger that current code allows, however, since the Gateway Realty sign was in place prior to 2000 , it was grandfathered into the current ordinance.
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According to Nevada County Director of Planning, Brian Foss, since the sign has changed, the new sign needs to meet current regulations.
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Foss says that there has been several communications back and forth with the church, and that they are working on setting up a meeting to bring the sign into compliance.
Click here to listen to Brian Foss

Concerns had been expressed that the message to Support Our Troops was the issue, but the planning director says that is not the case.
Foss believes that the relationship with the church is positive and that a resolution will be reached. Foss reiterated that it is the size of the sign, no the content, that is out of compliance.

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