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Couple Arrested for Possession of Stolen Vehicle

An Auburn woman and a Modesto man were arrested over the weekend for possession of a stolen vehicle. Nevada County Sheriff Captain Jeff Pettitt says that the series of events leading to the arrests began with a verbal argument that required the intervention of law enforcement Saturday evening.

Click here to listen to Captain Jeff Pettitt

While booking Weaver, deputies ran the VIN number of the Nissan Sedan because it did not have permanent license plates. The vehicle turned out to be stolen out of Sacramento. Mr. Weaver had originally stated that the vehicle did not belong to him and it belonged to a Kimberly Burnam. Burnam confirmed the story and the Nissan had been released to her when Weaver was arrested.

Click here to listen to Captain Jeff Pettitt

Both Michael Weaver and Kimberly Burnam were charged with possession of stolen property.

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