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Crashes Tie Up Traffic in Western Nevada County

Three crashes on Nevada County highways snarled traffic Tuesday afternoon, but there have been no injuries. One was on Highway 49 and North Bloomfield Road, where a vehicle rolled over on its side. C-H-P Public Information Officer Greg Tassone says there was initially a report of a woman trapped in the vehicle.
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Another collision was on Brunswick Road and Wood Rose Way.
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The investigation is ongoing, but Tassone says the school bus may have been hit after the initial crash, but again, no injuries. A cause has not been determined in either crash, and its not known yet if either one was weather related.

An earlier head-on accident on Highway 49 near Carriage Rd had traffic backed up in both directions. Tassone says the accident occurred at 12:45 and had traffic slow through the area until 2:30 PM.

The CHP says drivers need to be alert for the upcoming storm. Officer Justin Barnthouse says driver need to remember that when the have their windshield wipers on, their head lights must be on.  Barnthouse also says wet roads increase the stopping distance a car will travel when the brakes are applied.
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The oil from cars and trucks builds up on the road; when it rains the oil is brought to the surface, making driving hazardous. Officer Barnthouse recommends checking tire conditions, all exterior lights and windshield wipers to confirm they are in good order before hitting the road.

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