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Crime Victims Week Recognized in Nevada County

The Nevada County District Attorney’s Office for the past year has taken over the Victim Witness Program moving it from Probation to the District Attorney’s Investigation Division, and District Attorney Cliff Newell says it has made a big difference in the ability for the advocates to work with the prosecuting attorneys, to reassure the victims and keep them involved as a whole. He explains how victims come into the program.
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Nevada County has two full-time Victim Advocates in Nevada City and one half-time bilingual advocate in Truckee. Newell says their job is to not to work on the case, but to stay focused on the victim, telling them what to expect in the courtroom and how the attorneys are going to talk to them and, assist them with their rights.
click to hear audio of Newell

This week is National Crimes Victim’s awareness week.

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