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Cross Country Marijuana Dealer Caught Using FedEx

Law Enforcement from opposite ends of the United States, completed a investigation that ended with the arrest of a Truckee resident. Nevada County Sheriff says Police from Prince William County in Virginia and narcotics investigators from the Nevada County Narcotics Task Force worked to track shipping of marijuana through the FedEx mail service in Roseville. Twenty-eight year old Evan Polk was dealing with a undercover agent and selling him pounds of marijuana, at over two thousand dollars per pound. The sheriff says Polk was taken into custody when he arrived to sell more marijuana. Narcotic investigators searched Polk’s home on Jeffery Pines Road in Truckee.
Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

Polk remains in custody for the sale and distribution of marijuana in Virginia. The Sheriff says information of the items seized has been sent to the Virginia authorities to assist in their case.

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