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Crosswinds Moves to Loma Rica Industrial Center

Crosswind Machining, Inc. is buying a 4,500 square foot building in the Loma Rica industrial area, with plans to move to their new Nevada County location by mid January 2012. Crosswind, a high-tech Swiss screw machine shop with 5 full-time employees makes medical device components with tight-tolerance micro-machining. The company’s recent growth has the family owned business looking to leave their Bay Area location, which will allow an expansion of double its capacity. CEO Judy Smith says they have been looking at Grass Valley for the past few years.

“We’ve been looking at Grass Valley for two or three years. I have some relatives up in the area. Every time we would drive in to Grass Valley it would feel like home and everybody’s been so friendly and warm and so we just felt like we wanted to part of the community.”

The company is moving all five employees, mostly family, and plans to expand the workforce with the move to Nevada County, where it will continue to produce for manufacturers around the world.

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