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Curb and Gutter Project to ‘Plug Gaps’ on Main Street

You will soon see some new curbs, gutters, and sidewalks on East Main Street, between the roundabout and Hughes Road. Mayor Dan Miller says the construction project on the west side of the street, will plug some gaps…

Listen to Dan Miller 1

Miller says the project will also include bike lanes…

Listen to Dan Miller 2

The low bid for the project was submitted by Central Valley Engineering of Roseville at 187-thousand dollars–roughly 50-thousand dollars cheaper than the second-lowest bid. The City Council approved the contract at its meeting last night.


February 13, 2014


As a tax payer I demand that no money be expended for bicycles. They have no right on highways and do not pay vehicle licensing fees for projects like this and are usually a problem and do not have insurance and do not obey the laws.
Get smart guys.....Make bicycles pay taxes and registration and insurance like the rest of us poor (almost broke) fools that drive real vehicles for transportation not just for the fun of it.

February 13, 2014


They should fix the streets first................

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