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DA Stands Firm On Child Molester Conviction; Charges Filed In Recent Case

Two cases involving alleged sexual predators in court this week.
The District Attorney’s Office is standing firm on the 2007 conviction of a child molester and has filed charges on a recent complaint of a 19 year old having sex with a minor of greater than 3 years in ages. In the first case, Luis Ponce, convicted of 16 counts of aggravated sexual acts with young children and currently serving over 60 years to life at Mule Creek State Prison, filed a writ to reduce his sentence. Ponce claims he was inadequately represented in 2006 by his attorney David Billingsly who allegedly recommended that he reject a plea offer that would have resulted in half the prison time of his conviction. Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Ow says that her office believes Ponce knew what the risks were.

Click here to listen to Deputy DA Jennifer Ow

Because the issue being argued is not one of guilt, time is not of the essence, and Judge Tom Anderson is allowing time for both sides to submit written briefs and closing arguments for his review before ruling on the matter.

Click here to listen to Deputy DA Jennifer Ow

In a recent case, Ow says that 19 year old Patrick McVicker has been accused of sex with a minor.

Click here to listen to Deputy DA Jennifer Ow

Grass Valley Police first picked up the case in early June. A warrant was issued for McVicker’s arrest and he was taken into custody for an unknown reason in Sacramento County and then transported to Nevada County. McVicker will be back in court August 7.

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