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Damsels in Defense Battle Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in Nevada County is an ongoing issue. One woman, local high school teacher Lori Osmond, is trying to make a difference by helping women prepare for or avoid a possible assault. Osmond is a trainer with Damsels in Defense. She partners with a local self defense expert, Robert Phillips, to provide education, skills, and tools to help prevent or stop an attack. Damsels in Defense has 3000 women offering workshops throughout the country.

Click here to listen to Lori Osmond

Osmond shares some startling statics about assaults on women and children.

Click here to listen to Lori Osmond

Osmond says that Damsels in Defense provides services through a home-based presentation where she and Phillips come to a house and demonstrate techniques and tools to women, teens, and children.

Click here to listen to Lori Osmond

Following the workshops attendees have a chance to explore the tools.

For more information about Damsels in Defense you can visit Lori Osmond’s website.

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August 31, 2014

amelia gough

Check out RAD in partnership with dvsac. Call 272-2046 for schedule. Fabulous self defense class! You never know where a perpetrator may be.

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