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David Gates Parole Hearing Continued for One Year

A Nevada County man sentenced to 15 years to life for the strangulation murder of his father had his parole hearing continued Tuesday for one year because he was declared mentally unable to attend or to assist his attorney.  David Gates was convicted of second degree murder on March 23, 1993. Nevada County Deputy District Attorney Oliver Pong traveled to Vacaville for the parole hearing, accompanied by family members who, fearing for their safety, do not want Gates released.

“David Gates, in 1993, strangled and murdered his father, Robert Gates. At that time, he gave conflicting stories to the police that did not match up. Later on, it turned up with the physical evidence and the autopsy that he was strangled. David Gates was suffering from  psychological issues both before and after.”

Pong gave a short summary for the record requesting the future parole hearing board to consider the mental state that shows Mr. Gates may never recover, and the threat to family and society as he has become unpredictable in his delusions. 


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