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Defense Files to Dismiss in Gold Country Lenders Case

The attorneys for the defendants in the Gold County Lenders fraud case have taken the next step in the judicial process filing a motion to dismiss all charges against their clients in court Friday. Representing defendants Gold County Lenders CEO Phil Lester and CFO Susan Laferte, attorneys Ken Tribby and Greg Klein submitted a 106 page document stating that the State Deputy Attorney General, Maggy Krell failed to provide evidence that could prove Lester and Laferte innocent.

According to the motion the evidence submitted to only tells one side of the story. The motion alleges the Deputy Attorney General did not provide evidence to the state grand jury that Gold Country paid out 20 million dollars to investors over the same time period they supposedly were defrauding them.

The motion also alleges that Krell did not disclose that the statute of limitations had expired on 50 of the counts as well as the issue that the economic downturn effecting the entire country may have actually been the contributed to the claimants losses. The motion includes additional allegations against the Deputy AG’s process.

Deputy Attorney General Krell has until Friday June 21 to file a response. The next hearing is set for Tuesdau June 25th.

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