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Defensible Space Training

The Nevada County Fire Safe Council is offering Defensible Space Advisory Training to people in the community.  Executive Director Joanne Drummond says the two day training is to teach the mechanics of defensible space. They will also cover new building code standards for homes in the urban wild land interface and access for emergency equipment. Drummond says there are about 70 percent private roads in Nevada County and many people are unfamiliar  of what type of vegetation management requirements there are along these roadways.  Drummond says it’s critical to have those roads cleared for emergency personnel.

Click here to listen to Joanne Drummond

Drummond says the training is being  offered over two days November 15th and 16th.
Click here to listen to Joanne Drummond

To register for the 2 day defensible space advisory  training,  people can go to the web site http://areyoufiresafe.com or call the fire safe council at 2721122.

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