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Deputy Injured in Pitbull Attack

A band too intoxicated to play music started a series of events that injured a Deputy Sheriff. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says Deputies responded to the Greenhorn Creek area at Rollins Lake Saturday night. Sheriff Royal says one of the attendees was so intoxicated he was being taken into custody.  The man had a Pit bull on a leash that went after the arresting Deputy.


“The owner of the dog was heavily intoxicated, slurred speech, barely able to stand on his own. When confronted by officers, we took the dog and placed it in the patrol car and transported it to the shelter.”


The twenty six year old man from Mesa Arizona was taken into custody after a struggle with deputies for public intoxication and resisting arrest. The pit bull dog was taken into quarantine at animal control because of the bite. The Deputy was treated and released at Sierra Nevada hospital.

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