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Dignity Health to Open New Heart Facility

Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital partners with Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento and they are opening the new Alex G Spanos Heart and Vascular Center. The facility officially opens next week as heart patients are moved into the new facility.  Vice President of Cardiovascular Service and Dignity Health Heart and Vascular Institute, Doris Frazier, explains the relationship between Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and Mercy General.
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Once the procedures are completed patients return to care at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital for rehabilitation. The communication process is seamless since both hospitals are on the same systems.
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According to Frazier the new heart center is designed to open with state-of-the-art technology and can update easily as technology and treatment methods evolve. Also the center has a special tribute to Dr. John Malory, a leading cardiologist from Grass Valley, who recently moved out of state.
Click here to listen to Doris Frazier

The Alex G Spanos Heart and Vascular Center is located on the Mercy General Hospital Campus on 39th and J Street in Sacramento.

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