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Dinosaurs on Display

Four of the Most Unique Dinosaur Fossil Bones Ever are on display at the Nevada County Fairgrounds this weekend.   The Nevada County Gem and Mineral Society is presenting Earth’s Treasures October 13-14. The The Society’s publicist, Joyce Emerson, describes one of dinosaurs as similar to an ancient alligator, another like a desert-plated lizard and the third is an aquatic dinosaur.

Click here to listen to Joyce Emerson

The fish lizard like dinosaur would grow to 6.5 feet and almost 200lbs.
The Psittacouras fossil is over 80 million years old.

Other displays at the fair include petrified wood, hand chipped arrowheads, rock Carved Animals and Crystals.
This a great show for children. Free posters and other information will be available for visitors.
Earth’s Treasures October 13-14 at the Fairgrounds from 10-5 both days.

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