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Disagreement On How County Office Funds Should Be Spent

There is disagreement between some Nevada County Board of Education trustees and the County Superintendent of Schools on how new money should be spent.

The Superintendent of Schools Office is slated to receive additional funding as a result of the new Local Control Funding Formula that went into effect earlier this year. According to Superintendent Holly Hermansen, last week, two board members drafted a plan to spend  new money on school programs. A copy of the letter was sent to all district superintendents and school boards in the county. The letter was not discussed or approved by the remaining trustees or county office staff.
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Slade-Troutman and Meeks want the money to be used to fund four initiatives foused on schools: Mini-Grants for Teachers, Safe School Grants to Schools, After-School and Weekend Programs for Students, and Technology Upgrade Grants for Schools.
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The letter also states that the Superintendent would like to use the money to acquire a larger facility.
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Hermansen believes that the county office does need a larger facility in order to consolidate staff in one location, provide more meeting and training space,  and increase available parking. The superintendent says that none of the new money would be used for the facility.
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Superintendent Hermansen also responded to the letter stating that she is continuing to work with district administrators to be thoughtful in the approach to providing effective and efficient county office programs and services to local schools.

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