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District Attorney Gets Workman Comp Grant

The Nevada County District Attorney’s Office is the recipient of a grant from The California State Insurance Commissioner. District Attorney¬† Cliff Newell says the sixty-six thousand dollars is to help prevent and prosecute workers’ compensation insurance fraud.
Click here to listen to DA Cliff Newell

The grant will be used for education and outreach to inform the public and medical providers about the importance of accurate use and reporting in workers’ compensation cases.
Click here to listen to DA Cliff Newell

The District Attorney will work closely with the California Department of Insurance to identify cases that will have the most deterrent effect and those that significantly impact the workers’ compensation system.
Click here to listen to DA Cliff Newell

Newell says that the level of fraud can be anywhere from a patient “enhancing ” injuries to receive a calm, to medical providers who intentionally falsify patient information in order to defraud the government of large claims.

The long term goal of the program is to develop a regional unit that will investigate fraud cases in Nevada County and surrounding neighboring counties.

An online video with additional information can be viewed on the mynevadacounty.com website.

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