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Dog Pack Blamed for Mule Attack

The owners of a 7 month old mule that was attacked by a pack of dogs last week say they think they know the dogs responsible .  Bonnie Easley who lives on Byers Lane off McCourtney Road  says dogs attacked  her mule, Breezy,  sometime in the night January 21st.
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Breezy-the-MuleEasley says the mule  will recover but the vet bill was $500. Easley says she has had good response from Animal Control officers but , without proof it’s hard to blame anyone.
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Thats why  Easley says she and her husband just  spent $300 on cameras to record overnight activity on their property.
Cheryl wicks the  Director of Sammies Friends and the  Nevada County Animal Shelter says she has been advised of the mule attack,  and  reminds dog owners that it’s not OK to let  your dogs  roam loose.
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Nevada County Animal Control reports an increase in complaints in recent months with dogs killing chickens and attacking farm stock and even horses.

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