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Dog’s death at Auburn animal shelter spurs lawsuit

Did Charley have to die?
Placer County Animal Services destroyed the Labrador after it bit a seven-year-old at the home of the family that had adopted the animal.
Scooter’s Pals in Grass Valley has sued in federal court in Sacramento over the dog’s death.
Susan Wallace founded the animal rescue group…. and she says Scooter’s Pals had a new home for the dog…and that Placer County never held the required hearing before destroying Charley.

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Wallace says the lawsuit can’t bring back Charley…but can make sure Placer County doesn’t repeat its actions again.

Mike Winters, animal services manager for Placer County, says he can’t comment on the federal lawsuit but can talk about the work of the animal agency in Auburn..

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Attorney Jill Telfer…representing Scooter’s Pals in the federal lawsuit…couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday. (July 10)


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