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Don't Dump-Donate Nov 15th

Tomorrow, November 15th is National Recycling Day and the local Habitat for Humanity Restore encourages everyone Don’t Dump-Donate. General Manager of the Habitat Restore Danny Childs has a wish list for donations and a list of items the store has plenty of.

“I am staring down the aisle and aisles of bathroom sinks. I don’t need any more of those. I would love to have any kind of old woodstoves that are being replaced with new ones. We have a great demand for heating unit this time of year; woodstoves, double paned windows, exterior doors we would love to have, furniture that’s in really good shape and kitchen cabinetry that’s in really good shape.”

Childs says there is a list of acceptable donations on their web site at nc habitat.org. And every individual, family or business that brings in acceptable donations will receive a $10 store coupon. The Habitat restore is located at 12359 Loma Rica Dr in Grass Valley.


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