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Donation Day Parade- TODAY

The children of Grass Valley area schools will be marching in the Ladies Relief Society Donation Day Parade this Friday December 21st, weather permitting. .   Ladies Relief Society member  Debbie Luckinbill says the parade has been an annual tradition since 1883 and is now in it’s 129th year.

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In the early days the children would donate a stick of firewood and a potato to give to the needy. Currently the Ladies Relief Society identifies 150 families to receive the  food goods as well as fresh produce that is purchased for the event.  Christine Strom says  The Grass Valley  Downtown streets will be blocked off from 10 to 11 a.m. Friday for the Parade.
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If it’s raining the children will parade through the halls of Hennessey School. The Food will be given to selected families following the parade.

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