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Donation Day Parade Plan B

With the threat of unsettled weather, a decision was made around 9:30 this morning to run Plan B for the 129th Annual Ladies Relief Society Donation Parade. Grass Valley School District Superintendent, Eric Fredrickson, was faced with a tough call- but in the end, he had to think about student safety getting to and from the Donation Day Parade.

Click here to listen to Superintendent Eric Fredrickson

Though the Parade went on without the students, and some people on the streets were disappointed, the students at Grass Valley Schools still particpated at their individual school sites.
Click here to listen to Superintendent Eric Fredrickson

So the Parade had a differtn feel this year- but the outcome was still the same. 150 families were able to receive holiday food as result of the children’s food donations and fun festivities on the last day of school were celebrated throughout the district.

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