Tom Fitzsimmons

Tom Fitzsimmons


Tom Fitzsimmons is the Program Director for Nevada County Broadcasters, and morning show host at KNCO NewsTalk 830, but his favorite job is being husband to Roxanne and Dad to his daughter's Katie and Kelly, and step dad to Tyson and Megan. Tom and Roxanne just became grandparents with the birth of Megan's daughter, Hazel Virginia. Tom also is the voice of High School Football and Basketball play by play. His hobbies include playing and watching all sports and taking long hikes both locally and in the Sierras with his dog, Angel. He also has taken up distance running and just started to get into road cycling.

Don’t Blame the Victims

It is so unfortunate to hear about the behavior of our local fans during last Tuesday’s girls basketball playoff game between Sheldon and Nevada Union.  At a time that we should have been focusing on a very successful season for the Lady Miners, instead the team, the school and the media have to deal with a handful of knuckleheads harassing and intimidating cheerleaders.  Just had author Bill Drake on our talk show this week, talking about unlearning prejudice and how our community has a long way to go.  He was spot on correct.  Plus, I am always amazed how people immediately wonder what the cheerleaders did to cause the reaction.  I can guarantee they did nothing but cheer for the team like they do at any school.  Anyone that saw the TV report on KCRA saw that the young ladies were bright, sincere, and still in shock from the verbal assault.  It happened…and it cannot happen again.  And don’t you dare blame the victims.

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February 28, 2014

Julie Suzuki

I am appalled that our youth acted so badly towards guests to our town. I would like to think that the individuals who were responsible for these actions are a very few "knuckleheads" and that most of our young community members are much better than that! That being said, I am very happy to hear both from yourself, the principal of NU and others in our community that this horrible behavior is not acceptable, and will not be tolerated in the future. I commend everyone for speaking out against this by showing disapproval instead of ducking and hiding from embarrassment! Although we do not have the diversity of other areas, most of us here respect all people without regard to race, religion or sexual preference!

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