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Paul Haas


Donut, The Wonder Dog, Finds Missing Wallet!

Several months ago I wrote about the trials and tribulations of naming our new dog, Donut.  She is beautiful basset hound that is loving to both people and other dogs. She was a replacement for our two older bassets, Hub and Ohdee,  who had passed away from old age after a wonderful life.

One of Ohdee’s favorite things to do was to steal my socks and bury them in the backyard. Over a five year period she buried at least 150 pair of socks in a variety of places in our yard- a 1/3 of an acre covered with plants and wilderness spots perfect for burying treasures.


One day about three years ago, I came home from the health club and placed my gym bag on a chair. The chair was not far enough out of reach from Ohdee. She took advantage of the easy access and grabbed a real treasure from my bag- my wallet- with all of my ID, credit cards, and a substantial amount of cash in the outside billfold. I unfortunately did not notice this until I went to get my wallet several hours later. I could not locate it- anywhere. I searched high and low inside the house… then had the horrible thought- what if Ohdee took it. I immediately went out on the patio and noticed one 20 dollar bill sitting on the bricks. I picked it up and began searching the surrounding area for the remainder of my wallet and money. The search was unsuccessful- yes- I found at least a couple of dozen torn wet dirty socks- but no wallet and no more money. I eventually gave up- but every so often would go and search. I secretly hoped that Ohdee might someday bring it back- but it never happened. Then when Ohdee passed away I figured it was gone forever.

Flash forward to last September, when we decided to get a new dog- who we eventually named Donut. Jokingly I would sometimes tell Donut to go find my wallet… but nothing.


Well… Sunday morning I woke up and came downstairs. Sitting on Donut’s dog bed- frozen, covered in dirt and bite marks- was my missing wallet! Everything was still in it- except the money.  If only I knew where Donut had dug it up… maybe the money is close by… but there is no sign.

walletThis next weekend we are getting another basset- Donut’s little  sister is moving in with us. I can’t imagine what the two of them working together will find- perhaps together they can find the missing money… fingers crossed.




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