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Dorsey Drive Almost Done For Year

With winter weather on the horizon in the weeks ahead, construction on the Dorsey Drive project will be slowing down soon. If you have driven through the area, you’ve probably noticed some significant changes, just in the last few days…

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Resident Engineer Greg Zeiss with H-D-R Construction hopes to have the new ramps paved, and the southern side of Dorsey Drive paved before they shut down for the year. Zeiss says the project is going well…

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Paving of Dorsey Drive itself continues this week. Zeiss says there will also be an overnight lane closure on the Southbound Golden Center Freeway tonight and possibly tomorrow…

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The lane closure will be from 7pm-7am. When work shuts down for the year, it will not begin again until next May, when traffic will be moved onto the new portion of the Dorsey Drive bridge. The current bridge will be closed and widened.

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