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Dorsey Drive Meeting Well-Attended

Many curious visitors turned out at Grass Valley City Hall last night. They were there to see what the Dorsey Drive interchange is going to look like. There was an open house, featuring a presentation by city officials and the builders, along with a question-and-answer session…

Listen to Tricia Tillitson

That’s City Engineer Tricia Tillitson. Construction begins in about two weeks. The Dorsey Drive bridge will be widened, but traffic will still be able to get through, except for a handful of overnight closures over the next two years. Many of the two-dozen or so people who attended the meeting, live or run businesses in the area. They all seem to be happy that the project is actually going to happen, but still have some concerns…

Listen to residents

The interchange isn’t scheduled to be completed until the fall of 2014. The cost will be over 20 million dollars.

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