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Dorsey Drive Traffic Switch Today

A major milestone for the Dorsey Drive interchange project today. The new bridge that was built on the south side of the road? You’ll now be able to drive on it…

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Resident Engineer Greg Zeiss says that completes phase one of the project. They’ll start phase two on Monday, which Zeiss says will immediately require the need for overnight freeway closures…

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The closures will be from 7pm to 7am in one or both directions, depending on the night. Zeiss says another thing you need to be aware of, is that starting Monday, you will not be able to drive northbound on Joerschke Drive (from Dorsey to Maltman) anymore…

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When finished, Joerschke will become a one-way street and part of the southbound Golden Center Freeway offramp. Zeiss says the project is still on schedule, and should be completed around November.

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