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Parking and Smoking Signs On Council Agenda

You will likely being seeing more signs going up in downtown Grass Valley. The signs will be about parking regulations, and also more ‘No Smoking’ signs. City Public Works Director Tim Kiser says all of the parking signs will indicate three-hour parking from 9am to 6pm Monday through Saturday.
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The Downtown Business Association recently surveyed its merchants on whether or not they wanted parking restrictions enforced on Saturdays, which association officials say came out about even. Kiser says the new signs are not about that.
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As for the ‘No Smoking’ signs, Kiser says there are about a dozen of them printed up to be placed inside the downtown core, where a year-old ordinance prohibits smoking on city property.
Click here to listen to Tim Kiser

The new signs are expected to be okayed by the City Council at its meeting tonight.

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