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DRC Provides Initial Feedback on Shopping Center Proposal

The Grass Valley Development Review Committee provided initial feedback to the engineering firm responsible for designing a proposed 26.75 acre shopping center complex east of the Dorsey Drive Interchange. The proposed center includes 170,000 square feet of retail space, almost 14,000 square feet for restaurants, a 30,000 square foot theater and 1179 parking spaces.
The Development Review Committee is the first stop in a lengthy approval process for new development within Grass Valley.
The feedback included clarification of general construction concerns including but not limited to a grading plan, sewer plans, road and driveway modifications, and storm drainage issues.  Sean O’Neil of Genesis Engineering was pleased with the thoroughness of the Grass Valley staff report and additional feedback from DRC members.
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Next steps for Genesis is to meet with stakeholders on their side to review comments and make adjustments to the proposal that address the concerns of the DRC and public.
Click here to listen to Sean O’Neil
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Public comment from a number of audience members was mainly negative with concerns expressed about the potential impact on downtown businesses in both Grass Valley and Nevada City as well as traffic increase and congestion around the Dorsey Drive area.

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