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Drinking, Driving, and Texting not a Good Combination

A woman lost control of her car on Highway 49 Tuesday morning.  California Highway Patrol Officer Justin Barnthouse says the 49 year old woman from Camptonville lost control of her 1995 Toyota while she was north bound near Reader Ranch Road in the North San Juan area. Officer Barnthouse says the driver admitted she was texting when the accident happened. The CHP has determined the texting driver may have also committed a double whammy.

Click here to listen to Officer Justin Barnthouse

The car suffered major damage. The driver suffered minor injures.  She was cleared at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.


March 28, 2013

Don Baumgart

How much longer must we wait for the common sense solution: an onboard device to disable cell phones in all cars?

March 28, 2013



You have a valid concern, but until the car companies stop making money for the technology inside the car, it will never happen. Think about the billions Ford has spent on the sync system and GM has spent on Onstar and how unwilling they will be to add such a feature. Although they do have ways to limit such devices for drivers, this must be programed into the system by the owner.

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